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Check out the hottest cannabis related tours in North America with our selection of special event tours and offers. Depending on the availability of our vendors, we provide you with access to some of the most exclusive locations in the country all within your price range. Whether you want to discover the best breweries in Denver while smoking on your favorite herb, or are looking for a more exclusive tour that takes you to the best dispensaries and retail shops in the city, High Roller Tours has you covered.

High Roller Tours possess insider info about the local 420 scene and takes their guests on a one-of-kind ride that is sure to leave them with a smile on their face. From relaxing and chill tours to entertaining and high-energy tours, High Roller Tours offers a variety of diverse and satisfying experiences that cannot be found elsewhere. Roam through the peaks and valleys of the Rockies while your tour guide educates you on the local cannabis environment, or choose from a variety of casino and brewery tours that will pump up your night when you choose High Roller Tours. Browse through our selection today, and discover the perfect tour for you and your friends during your visit to Colorado.

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